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Things I Love. April 27, 2009

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My life has pretty much been an emotional trainwreck for the past year.  After The Great Breakup, I haphazardly have dated and either found all kinds of drama, ot just wasn’t impressed – there hasn’t really been any middle ground.  Add to that Jaron’s move this weekend, and I just have pretty much had sadface.  (Well, aside from toadstool references that have made me giggle uncontrollably – thanks, B)  Today, I decided that I needed to focus on the things I love,  which are:

 (in no particular  order):

-My family

-My friends



-Rocketship pajamas

-Menthol cigarettes when its super cold out

-Sappy, lyrical Indie music

-My Blackberry

-My dog

-Wool socks

-Andy Warhol & Jean M. Basquiat


-My pink and green plaid coat

-Purr Lipglass

-Hoop earrings

-Lazy afternoons in the park


-Buying gifts



-Boys in glasses


-Bubble baths

-Jazz (this goes really well with the bubble baths)

-The Girl from Ipanema

-Kashi Bars

-Rainy Days

-Horror Novels

-Mystery Science Theater 3000

-Proper Punctuation

– A good cry

-Daily emails with Jana

-Cold beers on hot days


-Expensive sheets



-Grilled cheese


-Anyone that can play piano

-Cider beers

-Conversations with Kristi

-Sugar Free Cook and Serve Chocolate Pudding

– My Birthday

-Peppermint Mochas while Christmas Shopping

-A good night’s sleep

 -Waking up next to someone I love


-Watching my little sister sleep

-Alone time

-Finger Dancing

-A good blog topic!


Above is a picture of me relishing in my hangover on Saturday!


Smiling at the moment,

Terita Bonita


T Minus 6 Days ’til 29!! April 23, 2009

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Yeah, yeah… I have been lazy and haven’t been posting, but things get busy.
Things are never too busy for wigs and wine, though!!

Here are the snapshots from our evening…







Looking like I am a part of Sexual Chocolate,
Teri Ann