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Text Message Exchanges During Last Night’s Game June 25, 2009

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Paul Wall

Thank you, Chris Maguire. Thank you for making me laugh hysterically despite the epic fail of a game I was watching last night.

Me: You need to ramp up the Maguire Fire! What in the hell is going on?
Chris: The coals are simmering baby, About to ignite with all sorts of heat they don’t even know about.

Me: I just threatened to stab the LSU fan here. With a straight face.
Chris: Do it. Doooo it.

Me: Some old alum is next to me hitting on me. I have decided that my only response will be “Fi-yah”.
Chris: Excellent choice!

Me: Just met Paul Wall.
Chris: Sittin sideways, boys in the days.

(After the Horns downfall)
Me: Where is the Fi-yah??? What the damn????
Chris: Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

Super freaking funny.

Still loving the Horns,

Above find photographic evidence of me hanging with rappers. I am so gangsta.