My Deeply Superficial Thoughts

I am Hot Pants McGee, and I have interesting things to say.

About Terita Bonita! April 29, 2008

Age: 31

Maritial Status: Single with chihuahua.  Please see my Fake Craislist Ad if you are interested.

Last Meal: Iced Instant Starbucks

Favorite Beer: Lone Star Light (for serious. )/Strongbow

Dog’s Name: Gabby

Hobbies: Finger Dancin’ at the bar after too many Strongbows, Zelda.  (Yeah, I said Zelda, yo) Making Taco Soup.  Starting but not finishing various home projects.  Falling down and running into things. Trying to remain cool to my much-younger little sister.

Yahoo- teriannhagen

GMail – teriannhagen




3 Responses to “About Terita Bonita!”

  1. April Says:

    Yummy downtown club buffet that was a great lunch!! You should add Veggie Crumbles to the taco soup!

  2. Hi, nice to meet you !

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