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It’s Fake Friday and I need to address THINGS! November 24, 2010

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Today, I am at my office… in a short mod dress and leggings, a cardi and flats, looking competely work inappropriate AGAIN, and I don’t care.  You know why?  Because we are only here until 12:00!!!  And no Big Boss Man!  And I am rocking Warpaint because they are my new fave band.

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and I cannot wait!!  OMG.  Its totally going to ruin my gym routine, which I need to address publicly.  I have decided to utilize a trainer at the Houstonian Lite, the new gym I joined.  Bitch be mean.  She yells and hurts me and makes me feel like I am Rosie Goddamn O’Donnell.  And I love her for it, despite the fact that I am cancelling her appointment today because the neighbors kept me out WAY too late drinking wine in the courtyard.  Jeebs.  Annnyway, back to the foodstuffs – Mom is making the full spread – turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, dressing, corn, rolls, and all of it smothered in COUNTRY DAMN CROCK.   I am so pumped. And I get to see the fam, of course, and BONUS – the little sis is bringing her new beau, so I plan on being wine drunk and heckling the poor chap.  Should be fun all around. 

Hope all of my loyal readers (all two of you) have a stellar holiday, whilst I continue the bizarre rom com my life has become.  (LB and I are discussing casting now. So far, we have Natalie Portman, Greg Kinnear, Parker Posey, Ben Gibbard, and Ray Lamontagne.  It’s a pretty indie imagined flick).  I will leave you with more Warpaint, because its my jam, and the pic above, because who does’t like a pimp in festive holiday red.  

Hoping no one’s getting all felt up by the TSA,

Terita Bonita


Compliment of the Day… November 17, 2010

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Today, MB said that I reminded him of Emily Kokal, the lead singer of Warpaint in the video for “Elephants”.  I take that as a fantastic compliment, as she looks and sounds amazing in this… I wanna play this band and sway around barefoot in my house, drinking red wine by candlelight and wearing something long and gauzy.

I’ll Break Your Heart,