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Kid’s First Lobster Sighting October 16, 2008

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This just melts my cold, bitchy heart.

Looking for a kid to borrow,


Clap your Hands, Everybody! Everybody Clap Your Hands! October 14, 2008

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This is completely gratuitous, I know. Its a gross rainy day, and I want to be at home watching Lifetime movies on the couch with Gabby. (Her fave is Tori Spelling in “Mother, May I Sleep with Danger”) So, I just thought that I would enlighten the masses with the greatest movie-music-interlude that ever came out of the ’80s. The good stuff really starts around 1:00.

Totally thinking that Prince sampled these beats,
Teri A. Hagen


Hey Sarah Palin… October 7, 2008

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Ok, I am on SP overkill, I know.  There is just too much out there that is too great not to share!

You Betcha!!!
Teri Ann