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“No, Hillary” – An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton September 22, 2010

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Dearest HC,
What up, yo? It’s been forever! I feel like just yesterday I was reaming you for trying to outdo Pelosi and the red suit… Which is actually on topic for what we need to talk about today, sister.


Quick true story – after being laid off in 2008, I met with an Executive Recruiter to get in shape for my upcoming job hunt. I walked into my meeting with her with my hair all pulled up in a loose twist with a clip. (Yes, I was hungover. Duh. I still looked professional, so hush) She immediately reaches around and pulls out the hairclip. “Lesson 1, Miss Hagen – no plastic hair accessories. Ever.” Bitch put me in my place quick.

So, Hil, let’s take a note from my headhunter and her hair tips and save the clips for gardening day. I am sure they blend well with Crocs and LL Bean. Get it together and get back to the days when you were making attempts at out-hotting The Pelosi (lost cause, but commendable), because this ragged housewife in 80s suits thing is NOT working.

Love Your Face,
Terita Bonita


Weekend Jam September 11, 2010

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Man, I really like this cover!

Got 92 Problems,



Oprah Voice September 3, 2010

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So, my mom is one of the greatest people on the planet. She never ceases to crack me up with something totally random at least once a day on gchat. Lately, she’s been all kinds of generous to me and my little sis. She has taken a liking to random binge-shopping online, and picking up things for Cayci and I in the process.
See, here’s the super fun part (aside from getting awesome new stuff) – she pops up on my screen saying things like “PANTY SALE!!! Go pick what you need – insert random Victoria’s Secret link here” or “AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS!!! I’m buying some, what colors do you need?” My screwy brain reads these in Oprah Voice. Fantastic, awesome, YOUREGETTINGACAR!!! voice. And I giggle hysterically before telling her my sizes and styles. Thanks, Mom. I love you to bits.

Teeerrrrriiiiiittttaaaaa Boooonnnniiiittaaaa!!!!