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Las Politicas is Back! October 30, 2009

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Soooo, after a long sabbatical, Caro and I have decided to resurrect LP. We are now and promise to be better than ever, complete with transcontinental snippets of daily life and politics in Houston and London and we even promise some guest bloggers!

That does not mean that I won’t be updating TeritaBonita, it just means you can find more Teri Hagen awesomeness on another blog, as well.

Above, please see my new fave tea mixture – China Green Tips and Green Ginger.  Heaven in a mug.

Getting Keyed Up to Spend Time with the Nebels –
Teri the Halloween Gypsy


I need a Micropig, among other things… October 6, 2009

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These are the three tangible things that I think I need ASAP.  You reading this Mom??

micropigtutu recordplayer


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