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Valentine’s Day & The Great Jesus Flowers Mystery February 16, 2012

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Behold!  The glorious day of single awareness has passed us yet again.  This year, I had a strange happening…

I am sitting at the front desk, as Barb is out on vacation, having an awesome Valentine’s Day bitchfest with Bearded Drew over Gchat, specifically regarding the annoying chick at his office that WOULD NOT SHUT UP about her dumb balloons and flowers and teddy bear fan.  (PS – Who the fuck does that?  A teddy bear fan?  Where does one even discover such an item???)  I was being extra pumped because there was only one other female in my office that day, and she and her bf don’t do flower nonsense, so I figured I would skate through this Valentine’s Day without the usual delivery giddiness and hours of sneezing from overpriced floral arrangements…. but then… Flower Dude walks in with some roses.

Of course, I assume they are for someone else, then he says my name.  While pleasantly surprised, I sign for the mystery flowers, thinking they are from my mom or a girlfriend.


I open the card to see who sent them and get bitchslapped by crazy.   Check out this gem of a valentine greeting:


So.  Basically, someone says that I am a sinning harlot, but Jesus died for my ways, so its cool.

I blame the usual suspects, my witty friends who are well aware of my Agnosticism and who would find this to be an awesome prank… No one fesses up and takes credit.

Now shit be creepy.  As of today, I am still clueless as to who sent the Jesusflowers.  I am thankful that they think I am gonna be ok.


Happy belated Valentine’s Day to all,

Terita Bonita


The Secret Service Agent Must Be Back From A Mission… February 6, 2012

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So E has had radio silence with me since I absolutely overstepped my boundaries and asked the most private of all private questions, “What is your last name?”.  Thanks be to Jeebus, he reappeared last night, or at 1:00 am this morning, rather.

I’d settled in early after a particularly vigorous Sunday of eating pizza, watching a Law & Order marathon, and playing Temple Run and Zombie Lane on my iPad (add to the reasons I am single…) early despite numerous requests to get boozy and watch the Superbowl.  I have been fighting a nasty cold and am seriously trying to get out of the schoolnight-boozing habit, so I popped my Ambien at a solid 10:30, tuned on some documentary and called it a night.

At 1:01 am, I groggily think hear a text message come in, but roll over and ignore it, backstroking through my Ambien cloud… Then the damn phone starts ringing.    Here is where I am going to digress a bit… Those that know me, know that sleep does not come easy to me, especially on Sundays.  I try not to take sleeping medication, but sometimes take half to get me to sleep.  If I take an entire pill, I mean business.  That means I want to fall asleep in 5 minutes and not wake up until the next day.  THIS was what I was trying to achieve last night, and Secret Agent royally fucked that with the double whammy of texting and calling.  I hit “decline” on my phone and try to get back to the blissful slumbers I was experiencing just TWO SECONDS AGO to no avail.  Its nearly a full hour and some jello later that I get back to sleep.

This morning, I get to my office and notice his text message, to which I hadn’t responded to.    I send him a quick note back, apologizing for the delay in response, as I had been sleeping.  He immediately writes back, asking what I am doing right now.  I let him know that, like a normal adult, I am at my office at 10 am on a Monday.   He proceeds to tell me to take a personal day.   When I graciously explain that that isn’t really an option, he sends the following two texts:

“What do you do anyways besides avoid me like the plague”


“You should check out this website i think you would like it www. Boring. Com”

Wow.  I suddenly feel responsible and old and, apparently, boring.   I am more than a little ok with that.

Working for a Living on a Monday,

Terita Bonita


Just an FYI… February 2, 2012

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If I had a Death Metal band, we would be called “Satan’s Lipgloss”.


That is all.




The Gallant Knight February 1, 2012

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After not seeing her for a hot minute,  Caroline randomly texted me to meet her and her beau and some friends at a bar right down the street from my house.  I was super excited to see her and meet her dude, so I met up for beers and debauchery.   Caroline has always been one to want to see me have a happy love life, and didn’t hesitate to introduce me to one of her boyfriend’s friends.   I had been lured in for a set up!!!  Those rascals.

To my surprise, the dude, L, wasn’t a complete troll – he was actually a really nice guy.   So, of course, I am suspicious.  My curiosity was piqued… How does a cute, gainfully-employed, smart guy like this not have a chick?  Does he have a tail?  12 toes?  A small peen?   I later discovered that he was recently (super recently) divorced, which covered that bit, but here comes the next part – Would a guy that looks good on paper like that be interested in a gal like me?

Turns out, I didn’t completely scare him off on the first night, as we ended up meeting up for drinks the following weekend.  All is going fantastic, and we are heading up to his deck have wine outside because it was a nice night.  I am totally thinking, “Dude, this is what normal dating is all about!” as we sit and have pleasant and witty banter with wine and stars.   I go inside to use the facilities and upon returning to the deck, completely forget the one important piece of direction L had specifically told me:  “Don’t shut the door to the deck.  It will lock and we will get stuck up here”.

As the door slams behind me, I realize my mistake, as does L.   No one else is home in the quad he lives in, and its a sheer one-story drop onto concrete below.   Being such a damn great guy (and full of wine) and not wanting to allow us to die of exposure, L proceeds to climb up and over the privacy fence and drop to the ground below, slashing his hand open and breaking his wrist in the process.   He trotted back up the stairs and opened the door and let my shameful ass back into safety.

I think I ruined his opinion of me that night and only sporadically text with him now.  I am a genius.


Being a Dorky Damsel,