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Congratulations Caroline & Graham! August 25, 2008

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One of my bff’s EVER, who also happens to be my co-author on Las Politicas, and just a great person in general, is being made an honest woman!  Her fantastic (so I hear) boyfriend Graham proposed to her today!  Doesn’t that make you feel all lovey inside? 

xoxo to them both,

Terita Bonita


Namaste! August 21, 2008

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This is what happens after a long night of edamame and wine.  Drunken yoga and fashion shows.

Still trying to make peace with the flamingos,

Teri Ann


Starches and Splits and Four-Eared Cats August 20, 2008

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Wow. So, I am ridiculously swamped at the office with asinine crap, so I really can’t be creative right now. After a long night of boozing that included edamame, white wine, Heineken and gymnastics until 2 am, I will let you know that these are the first things my hot, hungover ass saw this am:

Suri Cruise having an in-depth convo with her doll. I mean, she is REALLY into it.

And a four-eared cat. Four ears. Seriously. Four ears.

Starting to think Michael Phelps is overrated,
Teri Hagen

PS- Quote from Jana: “Omg. I just remembered I had an alfredo taco last night! Why did you let me do that? Who eats a starch rolled up in a starch?”


Friday Biscuits August 15, 2008

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Soooo, today’s weather is crap, but there are so many fantastically funny and wonderful things going on that I could really care less…

First off, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife called Linda Hogan a drunk slut.  Insert pot-kettle reference here.  Read the article here

Julia Child was an effing spy????

Also, these are my fave quotes from some of my fave people this week:
Jana: “I think I just agreed to go to a willie nelson concert in October. Did you read that right, a. willie. Nelson. Concert. Help me, teri.”
Alyssa: “You are crafty when you are tipsy”
Jana: “I really just want to feel the “spirt of the chaco”.”
Jana: “What’s he saying, He loves you and wants you to have his granola eatin’, chaco wearin’ babies?”

And because I am in such a fantastic mood, a little Kermit. Watch his moves.. fan.freaking.tastic.

Hoping the Alfredo turns out well,
Teri Ann


My Twitter… August 12, 2008

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For those of you not unfamiliar with Twitter… well, you are basically technologically retarded.  But I love you.  Anyway, here has been my past few nonsensical Tweets…

Alyssa just made the best quote of the day! “You are crafty when you are tipsy”

  And I still smell like a tanning bed.
  Its never going to end!!!
  Deciding that Damien Rice Radio and a rainy day may really cause depression…
  Boss quoted in the WSJ! Whoo hoo!
  Eating crackers in bed!
  Scaring myself with movies about dead little girl ghosts!!!
  Cant get enough coffee this morning.
  Diet Mountain Dew is liquid crack.
  @idl3mind “Newscastles”, eh?
  b-rad making fun of me for drinking Miller Lite!!!
  Ready for a fantastic Thursday!
  wishes I would have had dinner, not wine…
  wine for dinner?
  can’t get over the hype for this weather…
  getting ready for the impending hurricane…
  still annoyed with BCG
  chilling Pinot in her office fridge right now…
  mmmm chewy sweet tarts.. why are all of my posts about food?!?!?!
  just bought some hummus for tonight’s soiree


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Teri Ann


Friday Biscuits! August 1, 2008

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Hey hey hey! So, this is going to be a fantastic Friday. I saw the most amazing parade of fashion don’t in the tunnels today, kids… From lime green birkenstocks to jeans that, from the shins down, exploded into a hot, ruffled, floral MESS. Priceless. It really, really was.
So, you all need to read the excerpt from “Damn it Feels Good to Be a Banker” here
It may be more funny than Cash McMogulson.

Also, on the gossip front, Heather Matarazzo, better known as Dawn Weiner from the best movie EVER, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”, is getting married to her lover. Seriously, I heart Dawn… WTTD is fantastic. Below is the best exerpt.



Have a fantastic day, friends, and I look forward to seeing you all this evening for Mom’s big Pub Crawl tonight! If I forgot anyone, shoot me an email.

Believing the Children Are Our Future,
Teri Ann Hagen