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Just Another Tuesday in Teri Land… September 22, 2009

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Things that happened to me this morning…

1. Woke up to Gabby freaking out and peeing on me because the thunder scared her.  Seriously, people – this is NOT my preferential method of rising.

2. Begrudgingly showered and got ready for work, suddenly realizing that its pouring out, I have at least an 8 block walk to the bus stop, and no appropriate footwear.   After debating tennis shoes vs. flip flops, I decided on some brown Merrells.  These went AWESOME with black slacks and a pink shirt.

3. After putting on my socks and shoes, I remember that said shoes tend to eat my socks, and athletic ankle socks won’t cut it… looking through my sock drawer, I realize that all of my socks are dress socks or super thick wool socks for winter – then I see my Chihuahua socks lingering in the corner… These will have to do.

4. Ready to go, I trek out into the monsoon, cute Banana Republic raincoat stowed in my satchel, as it’s a tad too warm for it, and hiding under a big golf umbrella.  100 feet away from my stop, I see the bus coming to the corner, so I start to walk markedly faster,  maybe call it a jog, directly in front of the driver’s line of sight.  Now, here is where I need to stop and send a little apology to the bus driver at the corner of Bayland and Watson at 8:10 this morning – I am truly sorry for screaming profanities at you as you saw me hurrying to the bus stop and you drove away.  Clearly, I was wrong in thinking that it was obvious that I was trying to catch the bus.  My waving and jogging  toward the stop in which I am picked up EVERY DAY at this time was clearly misconstrued for a morning stroll.  IN A MONSOON.  IN BUSINESS ATTIRE. So, again, my sincerest apology.  Easy Mistake.

5. I get the joy of standing at the bus stop for another 20 minutes waiting on another bus.  In the rain. With acorns falling on my umbrella. 

6. Finally, something positive – I get a happy bus driver.  She is so happy and nice that she is making countless stops for people who wanna get off at undesignated locations.  Thanks.  I love being drenched on a freezing bus. 

7. Helllloooo corner of Dallas and Louisiana!  Sooo glad to see you this morning!  I hop off of the bus and walk out into a damn windstorm.  Struggle with my huge umbrella down to my building.  Of course, it flips inside out right before I walk in, spraying the only dry parts of me with cold wetness.  I walk inside and the building concierge looks at me – drenched, wearing hiking shoes, Chihuahua socks and slacks, dripping in the lobby with an inside-out umbrella – with pity in his eyes and says “Yeah, it’s that kind of day.”

Maybe I need to start going to church or something…Maybe I need my chakras realigned.  Something isn’t right, because this shit doesn’t consistently happen to everyone, does it??

Freezing and trying to dry out at my desk –

Teri “Chihuahua Socks” Hagen


PS – The Chihuahua socks are, seriously, the only article of dry clothing on my body right now.


My Company Cares About Clean Hands September 16, 2009

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Keepin Clean,

Teri Ann