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Friday Croissants November 20, 2009

Well, so it’s not Friday Biscuits, but I did have a big nasty croissant this morning, so that’s what you get, loyal readers.

Soooo, this week was relatively calm, as my weeks have slowly been progressing toward a more adult and stable lifestyle over the past few months (read: not 2 am drunk at 7 pm 5 nights out of the week).  I  now save Tuesdays for a few fantastic $2 Amstel Lights at Onion Creek with Matt OC Website

Here are some fun things discovered on the interwebs this week:

Cats For Gold
Tim Burton’s Art at MoMA
Mysterio Predicts What You Will Get for the Holidays (Jaron is apparently getting me adult diapers, and Cayci will get me the same thing as last year.
Back Boobs from PoWM
Top 6 Quotes from the 2nd Jersey Shore trailer

Above, enjoy some Dispatch because I said so.

Terita Bonita