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Lazy in Life, Love, and Blogging… August 1, 2012

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Sooo, its been a few months… I have been busy with all kinds of good stuff and therefore, lax on my blogging. (And on my working out) But I am back now to enlighten the masses on my goings on.

I had a grand 32nd birthday party, as seen below:

Good times were had by all! There was even an awesome pinata full of liquor. (Of course)
Shared-birthday dude came to the party and proceeded to get really drunk, hit on a bunch of my friends, and then tell me I was being a bitch. So there was that… I pretty much have decided that dating really isn’t my scene. That shit is way too complicated. I like my life simple. I like a dude I can have drinks with and sleep with and laugh with, but that also has his own stuff going on. Just when I think I have it in my grasp SHAZAMM! the Single Fairy drops some type of bomb on me and ruins it all.

Do independent dudes still exist? I mean, I am not looking for the fucking narwhal of guys.

Wednesday Love and Promises for More Updates,



PS – In case you don’t already know, don’t eat at Chic-Fil-A because they are run by asshole bigots.  Especially today.

Why can’t Arby’s be the bigots?  No one likes Arby’s.  Damn addictive Jesus chicken.