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Adventures in Dating Hell January 27, 2012

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Yes, yes… I haven’t blogged in forever, I know.  I’ve kinda been a busy bee!  Enough of the apologies, though, as I am BACK and I am going to share with you the bizarre dating events that have occurred…

After a particularly emotional setback, I have branched back out into dating, and man, let me tell you…  its pretty damn insane. Fair warning: I have a tendency to be a tad eclectic and attracted to others of that persuasion, which may lead to slightly more bizarre interactions than that of the average single lady.  Regardless, I have been told a ridiculous number of times lately that I need to share these stories with the world, so I shall…


Here is a snippet from this week.  Literally THIS WEEK.  I can’t make this shit up.  


So, after an infuriating and finally successful hunt, I manage to get this painting that I have been eyeing for months into my humble abode.  




I ask MK to come over and hang it up, seeing as he is an artist and whatnot, I figured he would be the guy to do it right.  Now, there is a short, but nutso history with me and MK.  Brief fling-type thing over a year ago, and now we are friends.  So, anyway, he comes over, we have some wine and make fun of my accidently-purchased slutty platform shoes… blah blah.  

He then looks at me and says, “You are the smartest girl I know.  If you could just lose 35 pounds, I would make you my 4th wife.”



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