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Diversity with LB January 13, 2011

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Actual conversation via Gchat with Miss LB today:

me: i am just glad for a 3 day weekend
Laura: me too. im also off on monday
me: yus
Laura: thanks, dr. king!
me: you are going to join Jaron and I for Sunday Funday
Laura: sunday is john’s birthday
me: OH!
well, nevermind, then!
and I meant, Monday
interracial day drinking
Laura: sweet.
me: how MLK would want it
Laura: hah! we need an asian and a guy in a wheel chair. then we’d kinda be like the burger king kid’s club
Laura: i love it when stuff like the the bk kid’s club.
i guess we need a mexi too, at that rate

Serious lolz. 

Terita Bonita

PS – No offense AT ALL meant in anything written above.


2 Responses to “Diversity with LB”

  1. never apologize
    never compromise

    i like your posts


    you’ve been linked…….

  2. TeritaBonita Says:

    Thanks, but the link you posted is broken! 🙂

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