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Holiday Merriment and a GOLD STAR DAY! January 5, 2011

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So, the holidays were entirely too awesome… At the company Christmas party, the boss decides that he likes his iPad so much that we ALL needed one. And not the rinky-dink models, either. It’s the pretty serious one: 64gb, 3G. Add to that the announcement that next year’s Christmas party will be in New York City, and THAT makes for a great evening, even if I was forced to duet with the company owner…


Then there was Lights in the Heights!

The weekend rolls along and I get to go see the awesome family in San Antonio. They never disappoint in hilarity and general good times… Kathryn can cracks me up, I swear… The highlight of the trip may have been the entire fam piling into the RV to go to Charming Charlie’s to allow the girls to utilize the new gift cards
they acquired. Kathryn decided to dress up to pass the time…

Sorry for the crappy pic, but it was funny.

Speaking of gift cards, I received the absolute CUTEST gift card holder from Anthropologie from the grandparents (complete with gift card, of course).

We also made some nice little family sidewalk art:

Note Lucky (spelled Lukey by Elise)  the 3-toed chicken’s prized center spot. 

Then came the GOLD STAR DAY! I am a constant worrier. Like, non-stop nail-biting about EVERYTHING…. So when the boss shoots me an email instructing me to put aside time for us to sit down and do my Year-End Review, I almost needed smelling salts… So, I put on my new cute dress, and look darling in hopes that he won’t be critical to a girl in a cute dress and cardigan… Before I can even get to the meeting, I am informed that I will only be working two days the following week!! Yay! Wed-Friday – OFF!  Then its meeting time….. and I sail through with flying colors! My initiative as Social Chair has really won me some points! All I needed to work on was my being on time, which I totally suck at. Sleep comes so rarely with me that I have to take what I can get and am consequently late WAY more often than I should be, so it was understood, noted, and will be less of an issue.  THEN, the partners at my firm throw me a nice little envelope full of cash and an early dismissal!  Yay!!!  I ended the amazing day watching “Exit Through the Gift Shop” with MK and a lot of red wine.  Gold freaking star, people.   (You should also watch the film)

Christmas was awesome with the fam – Mom and Matt got me a Wii, Jaron came to dinner and good times were had all around.  Poppa J couldn’t handle the excitement:

 Matt also sent me a fantastic Hyperbole and a Half Mug:

Addressed to my nickname, of course:

So, all in all, those were the holidays!  Full on awesomeness. 



One Response to “Holiday Merriment and a GOLD STAR DAY!”

  1. i had a great time this holiday too… great post…. love the little gift card bag!!

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