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“No, Hillary” – An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton September 22, 2010

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Dearest HC,
What up, yo? It’s been forever! I feel like just yesterday I was reaming you for trying to outdo Pelosi and the red suit… Which is actually on topic for what we need to talk about today, sister.


Quick true story – after being laid off in 2008, I met with an Executive Recruiter to get in shape for my upcoming job hunt. I walked into my meeting with her with my hair all pulled up in a loose twist with a clip. (Yes, I was hungover. Duh. I still looked professional, so hush) She immediately reaches around and pulls out the hairclip. “Lesson 1, Miss Hagen – no plastic hair accessories. Ever.” Bitch put me in my place quick.

So, Hil, let’s take a note from my headhunter and her hair tips and save the clips for gardening day. I am sure they blend well with Crocs and LL Bean. Get it together and get back to the days when you were making attempts at out-hotting The Pelosi (lost cause, but commendable), because this ragged housewife in 80s suits thing is NOT working.

Love Your Face,
Terita Bonita


4 Responses to ““No, Hillary” – An Open Letter to Hillary Clinton”

  1. Your Mom Says:

    OH SNAP!!!!
    ol’ HC is looking quite haggard of late.
    your “true story” is hilarious!
    you… hungover… at an interview!!!
    at least you showed up! kudos for that!
    much love!
    and keep blogging!

    your mom : )

  2. drcruzarnold Says:

    Hilarious! I for one, really like her longer hair. I think it really suits her. The clip – not so much.

  3. Caycib10:) (sista) Says:

    I think this is a fantastic post sister!!! You are awsome! I love reading these i get to learn and know more stuff then i know now about you:)
    love you and always will:)

  4. caroline Says:

    I sort of wish she would bring back the early 90’s head band.

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