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Oprah Voice September 3, 2010

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So, my mom is one of the greatest people on the planet. She never ceases to crack me up with something totally random at least once a day on gchat. Lately, she’s been all kinds of generous to me and my little sis. She has taken a liking to random binge-shopping online, and picking up things for Cayci and I in the process.
See, here’s the super fun part (aside from getting awesome new stuff) – she pops up on my screen saying things like “PANTY SALE!!! Go pick what you need – insert random Victoria’s Secret link here” or “AMERICAN APPAREL LEGGINGS!!! I’m buying some, what colors do you need?” My screwy brain reads these in Oprah Voice. Fantastic, awesome, YOUREGETTINGACAR!!! voice. And I giggle hysterically before telling her my sizes and styles. Thanks, Mom. I love you to bits.

Teeerrrrriiiiiittttaaaaa Boooonnnniiiittaaaa!!!!


One Response to “Oprah Voice”

  1. Your Mom Says:

    : )

    everytime i read this i smile…


    the backordered panties are in : )

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