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Friday Biscuits! March 13, 2009

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Heeelllllooooo!!! Happy Friday the 13th!! Today I finally stopped at Otto’s for the first time in about 5 months for my Friday biscuit. Jeez, was it tasty, but now I feel guilty, so I won’t be eating anything but Twizzlers for the rest of the day. Well, that is until I go to Mom and Matt’s tonight for steaks! I am super stoked about eating and being lazy by the fireplace over there tonight.

Back to the Twizzler diet – I opened my desk drawer to realize that I am a hoarder of things. My desk drawer currently contains: 4 boxes of tea (4!!!), 1/8th of a bag of M&M’s from Valentine’s Day, a box of crackers, a fresh bag of Twizzlers, a 90 calorie bag of peanut butter rice cakes, two Ritz crackers in the sleeve, ketchup packets, a toothbrush, and a date stamp. At least if Armeggeddon comes, I am good for a little while. And I will have clean teeth and know what day it is.

I am also following some new kids on Twitter, which I highly recommend:
-Tina Fey
-Michael Ian Black (TOOOO FUNNY!)
-Rainn Wilson
-Jemaine Clement
-John Mayer
-The Onion
-Marshall Hill (good friend, has potential to be funny, will keep you updated on all things Longhorn. Also the go-to for a stellar NCAA bracket group)

Well, I am going to get back to the grind, kiddos.

About to get into Mail Merge Hell –
Terita Bonita


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