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Conversation of the Day November 11, 2008

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Mine and Jana’s conversation today about our plans to start hanging out at home more:

Jana: And Bar 902 will be better because we get to choose the music selection… for free!!!

Me: Perfect idea, Banana!  And no cover!

Jana: We’re so clever.

Me: And, you don’t have to tip me when I pour your beer into a pilsner glass.

Jana: Nice. No cans or bottles allowed at bar 902! That’s just tacky.

Me: Yeah, we are all about being high class. Like when I sit on a plastic stool to blow the Marlboro Light smoke out of my window and put my cigarette out in a coffee cup? All while in my pjs, listening to bootlegged cds?

Jana: And when I bring my year-old stolen wine…

Me: I’m not drinking that.

Jana: Lol.  That’s where you draw the line???


Above is Jana and I, circa Christmas 2075.  I am the one in the hat, as I tend to be more festive.

God, I love my friends.

Teri Ann


2 Responses to “Conversation of the Day”

  1. banana Says:

    lmao. we sure did take a turn for the worse..thought we were headed in the “absolutely fabulous” direction? either way

  2. idl3mind Says:

    be sure to take me to Bar 902 next time I’m in town which I hope is soon!

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