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Today’s the Day! GOTV!!! November 4, 2008

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So, as I strolled through the tunnels this morning in my downtown-hipster-office-wear, listening to Dispatch on my ipod, and rocking a Barack button on my bag, I realized that today is the big show.  I mean, its the real deal, and I can hardly contain my excitement. 

To my friends, regardless of your political affiliations, I encourage each and every one of you to get to the polls.  Stick it out through the lines and the broken machines, and whatever other drama you will encounter, because this is the most serious election will have seen in our time.  The economy is failing, soldiers are dying, our country’s education system is a complete joke, we are on the brink of a severe energy crisis, and the health care system is all for profit.  All of these are issues that effect us now in our 20s and 30s, and will only continue to be more important as we age.   

I tire quickly of my apathetic friends, those who will think of any excuse not to go and do their part.  I also tire of those too lazy to take the time to research the platforms of the candidates and are choosing to pick someone based solely on the popular choice of their friends and family.   Get out there, know your candidates, and go vote.  And if you don’t, you refuse all right to complain and be disenchanted with the outcome or any future effects.  Every vote counts.

Voted Early Beotches,

Teri Ann Hagen


One Response to “Today’s the Day! GOTV!!!”

  1. Sylvia Says:

    Teri – Nicely stated!


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