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Friday Biscuits! September 5, 2008

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Hey hey hey and Namaste!

Soooo, I saw not one but TWO pairs of mom jeans in the tunnels this morning.  TWO people actually left the house in this business.

I also am a total fat prostitute and had Otto’s for breakfast AND McDonald’s for lunch.  Damn you April for agreeing to that.  My justification is that I walked to get it, so I burned off like a fry. 

On a side note, Trent may have brought me into the light with this litte ditty:

I needed Jesus as a friend last night as I drank my weight in chardonnay. Thanks to Jason for being my rock at State Bar. My phone has a new scratch, so it must have been a great time.

Getting Ready for Tonight’s Girl’s Night Debauchery,


2 Responses to “Friday Biscuits!”

  1. banana Says:

    lol. i especially like the pleated pair.

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