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Starches and Splits and Four-Eared Cats August 20, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — TeritaBonita @ 9:48 am

Wow. So, I am ridiculously swamped at the office with asinine crap, so I really can’t be creative right now. After a long night of boozing that included edamame, white wine, Heineken and gymnastics until 2 am, I will let you know that these are the first things my hot, hungover ass saw this am:

Suri Cruise having an in-depth convo with her doll. I mean, she is REALLY into it.

And a four-eared cat. Four ears. Seriously. Four ears.

Starting to think Michael Phelps is overrated,
Teri Hagen

PS- Quote from Jana: “Omg. I just remembered I had an alfredo taco last night! Why did you let me do that? Who eats a starch rolled up in a starch?”


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