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Friday Biscuits August 15, 2008

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Soooo, today’s weather is crap, but there are so many fantastically funny and wonderful things going on that I could really care less…

First off, Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife called Linda Hogan a drunk slut.  Insert pot-kettle reference here.  Read the article here

Julia Child was an effing spy????

Also, these are my fave quotes from some of my fave people this week:
Jana: “I think I just agreed to go to a willie nelson concert in October. Did you read that right, a. willie. Nelson. Concert. Help me, teri.”
Alyssa: “You are crafty when you are tipsy”
Jana: “I really just want to feel the “spirt of the chaco”.”
Jana: “What’s he saying, He loves you and wants you to have his granola eatin’, chaco wearin’ babies?”

And because I am in such a fantastic mood, a little Kermit. Watch his moves.. fan.freaking.tastic.

Hoping the Alfredo turns out well,
Teri Ann


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