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My Twitter… August 12, 2008

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For those of you not unfamiliar with Twitter… well, you are basically technologically retarded.  But I love you.  Anyway, here has been my past few nonsensical Tweets…

Alyssa just made the best quote of the day! “You are crafty when you are tipsy”

  And I still smell like a tanning bed.
  Its never going to end!!!
  Deciding that Damien Rice Radio and a rainy day may really cause depression…
  Boss quoted in the WSJ! Whoo hoo!
  Eating crackers in bed!
  Scaring myself with movies about dead little girl ghosts!!!
  Cant get enough coffee this morning.
  Diet Mountain Dew is liquid crack.
  @idl3mind “Newscastles”, eh?
  b-rad making fun of me for drinking Miller Lite!!!
  Ready for a fantastic Thursday!
  wishes I would have had dinner, not wine…
  wine for dinner?
  can’t get over the hype for this weather…
  getting ready for the impending hurricane…
  still annoyed with BCG
  chilling Pinot in her office fridge right now…
  mmmm chewy sweet tarts.. why are all of my posts about food?!?!?!
  just bought some hummus for tonight’s soiree


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