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My Fake Personal Ad July 25, 2008

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So, Jana, Dave & I were having some email exchanges earlier this week regarding lame guys in bars. I have decided that if I were to post a craigslist ad for a mate, this is what it would read:

“fantastic liberal gypsy chick looking for a friend with benefits. Must send tulips once a month and bring me iced coffee in the mornings post-sleep over. Must have a working knowledge of all Simpsons episodes and enjoy Weeds on Monday nights and drunken text messaging. Glasses, trust fund, and ability to disconnect are huge pluses”

Let me know if anyone knows anyone fitting the bill… because obviosly the two cigar-smoking hotties pictured above weren’t cutting it at Shay’s the other night.

Lookin’ for Love in all the Wrong Places,


3 Responses to “My Fake Personal Ad”

  1. April Says:

    I like that ad! You will find Mr Right with that attitude. Hey you always have creepy Mike!! He was totally into you. LOL… BTW its about time I see a new blog. 😉 i know you’ve been busy love. WE will find Mr Right one day if not we will have fun trying.

    much love

  2. idl3mind Says:

    OH EM GEE, Craigslist is a scary place.

  3. TeritaBonita Says:

    Hence the word “fake”, Brad!!!

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