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Counting Down to the Vacay July 8, 2008

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Sooo, I just ordered this hot little blue paisley bikini online for the big trip next week.  I order bathing suits online to save my fat ass the embarrassment of the dressing room.  I have lost 8 pounds though… whether its the breakup or the stress or that fun little Zoloft pill that is supposed to get me through my drama, I don’t know, but I will totally take it.

I started a new part-time gig at The Alley Theatre last night, and its still up in the air.  I had to sit through a tedious training session with this chick that was totally ignoring the instructor 80% of the time and spending the other 20% shuffling around papers and highlighting EVERY BULLET in the document…  It was nonsense. Then, obviously not getting the oral fixation she needed from the horrifically odorous kiwi-mango-banana-dragonfruit gum she was smacking on, demanded a break.  Let me tell you a little thing about the Alley – that place locks down like Fort Knox. If you go out, you aren’t getting back in.  And certain badges only work to open certain doors at certain times of the day.  And of course, she gets locked out.  For like 30 minutes.  And keeps calling the instructors cell.  Which has a Zelda ringtone, and that was the only plus.  Long story short, we ended up having to stay there until after 9:30, which really annoyed me and I am sure annoyed Gabby.  I am not too sure about this second job business…  

Fasting for the Frio,

Terita Bonita


3 Responses to “Counting Down to the Vacay”

  1. banana Says:

    hope your paisleys aren’t metallic like my online polka dots turned out to be 😦 i’m surprised you don’t have a zelda ringtone already??

  2. trent Says:

    the alley? what are you going to be doing? eeeeinteresting

  3. TeritaBonita Says:

    I am fundraising and selling season tickets. Good times.

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