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Friday Biscuits June 27, 2008

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Actually, I didn’t pick up a biscuit today because #1, I am retardly broke, and #2 I have lost 7 pounds and wanna keep on losing!  I mean, I have boys to meet, yo. 

Aside from that, I really only have three things to say on this fabulous Friday…

-In Ricer news, someone upstairs from me has sex every day between 7:25 & 7:40.  Every day.  Clockwork.  When I hear the rhythmic bed-shaking, it let’s me know that its time to get on the move or I am going to be late. 

-Tricky may be the best thing to walk to work listening to.  Mainly “Christiansands”.

– A little gratuitous Bowie never hurt anyone…

Wondering how much wood a woodchuck would really chuck,

Terita Bonita


One Response to “Friday Biscuits”

  1. April Says:

    TGIF Hookers!!! I had a taco from the biscut place and it was very yummy!! Had to get something to soke up those shots and wine from last night!!

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