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Pasty Patty & Her Scarred Posterior & The Paperback War June 18, 2008

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Hey hey hey~
So, The Man is totally bmd, which is really hampering the blogging. My weekends and evenings have lately been filled with activity (namely drinking with old friends and new) which also leaves little time for blogging. For this, I apologize, my dears. I am also tied up in a heated fight with the Quality Paperback Book Club, which takes up WAY more time than necessary. Nazis, they are. And tricky. They will not stop sending me books. Books that I do not want, did not ask for, and are accompanied by invoices! Don’t get me wrong, I filled my requirement on the book buying. I am not trying to get out of any contract or get free books… I just want the nonsense to cease.
Enough of that… though. On a side note, I am listening to NPR, and they just justified my tanning bed membership by letting me know that I am probably deficient in Vitamin D, and the sun is a perfect way to get it. Well, that and Cod Oil, but I look way hotter with a tan. I also need to keep it up due to the fact that from a recent injury that required a nice big square bandage to be posted dead in the center of my left cheek. Well, I needed to tan for a weekend trip while said bandage was there, and now I have a big white square, with a scar in the middle. If there was another one above it, I could totally pass it as a statement for equality, but as it stands, its just kinda like a subtraction sign. There will be no pictures.
For the Ricers, this article should be read and followed. You know who you are…
Ok, gotta get back to the grind,

“Weeds” is back this week, too, and it looks promising! Above is me and some funny guys doing a Juno promotion


2 Responses to “Pasty Patty & Her Scarred Posterior & The Paperback War”

  1. banana Says:

    subtraction signs are hot, homeskillet.

  2. April Says:

    so its offical Tanning is healthy YIPPIE considering i just got done tanning. Got to love those afternoon 20 min naps. Miss my tanning buddy. it is on tomorrow!!!!!

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