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SATC, Dennis Canon is the Coolest Man Alive. June 4, 2008

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So, the gals and I went to see the much-anticipated Sex & The City movie last night at the Angelika.  I cried so hard my contact fell out, and then I had to put it back in by cell phone light!  By the way, thanks for saving the day, Jana & Jewels.  And also thanks for being sick, Jewels.  Those Vapo-rub Kleenex were quite handy!  One Cosmo turned into 10, and then we were learning German from some very, very creepy Germans.  Creepy beyond belief.  If you live downtown watch out for two Germans – one in sleeveless and jean shorts, and one with an affinity for pastels and in town for the wind power convention. But I digress…

Anyway, I am not at 100% just yet today, or at least I wasn’t until my surrogate father sent me his pictures from his bike trip down Route 66.  Super freaking neat!!  I have to do this someday!  By the way, great burro pics, Darla! 

Gettin my kicks,



One Response to “SATC, Dennis Canon is the Coolest Man Alive.”

  1. banana Says:

    Ich liebe Sie!!!

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