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Cameron & Diddy, Condi & KISS, Frazier & the ICU??? June 2, 2008

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WTF is going on today?  I mean, is the damn Apocolypse upon us, people?  Frazier has a heart attack and almost dies (,0,6297721.story) , Cameron D is supposedly humping Diddy, or P. Diddy, or Sean Combs, or Puffy, or whatever the hell his name is this week ( and were supposedly making out in Prince’s basement, and Condi Rice is hanging ot with KISS.  (

I am soooo glad I am going camping this weekend, because the damn world is going to implode, I swear. 

Stocking up on the bottled water,



ps- Can we talk about that super hot look Gene Simmons is giving Condi??  He is totally looking down his surprisingly-un-made-up nose at her JC Penney suit.  She totally needs to have a date with Nancy P. at St. Jonh’s ASAP.


2 Responses to “Cameron & Diddy, Condi & KISS, Frazier & the ICU???”

  1. banana Says:

    are you sure those aren’t wax figures?

  2. Your Mom Says:

    he is trying to remember if he has done her or not and if not… then he will add her to the list…

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