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Veggie Crumbles!!!! May 14, 2008

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Ok, so Jana decided to change up some Taco Tuesday last night and make her Famous Veggie Crumble Burritos.  I am a huge carnivore, and tend to be quite leery of anything soy-based as a substitute for my ground up bovine, but heed my advice, friends… VEGGIE CRUMBLES ARE FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!  We totally hid the fact that we weren’t eating meat from Gabe and he wasn’t all that upset, to be honest.  So, they are now going to become a staple in my home.  Consider this disclosure to anyone that eats at my house.  You may be eating Veggie Crumbles instead of meat.  I did the calculations, and VC are an amazing beef sub.  396 cal for GB,  80 cal for VC.  24 g of fat for GB, 2.5 for VC.  The protein is a lot higher in beef, but 10 g for a serving of VC is still fine.

Having a Southwestern Veggie Patty for Lunch (now with roasted corn!!!),



2 Responses to “Veggie Crumbles!!!!”

  1. April Says:

    yeah I wish I would of made it to dinner now. It would of been interesting to at least try it. Vegie Crumbles the new meat. Maybe Taco Bell should look into that…

  2. banana Says:

    veggie crumbles are the bomb! that’s right, i said bomb. had leftovers for lunch 🙂

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