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Wonderfully Lazy Wednesdays and the Decline of American TV May 7, 2008

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Seeing as Monday was Monday Funday with Cinco de Mayo festivities, Taco Tuesday was spent recooping in bed with filthy, greasy, stick-to-your-ass Taco Bell.  Mmmm.  Wednesday tends to be my fave TV night.  You can find my fatness all cuddled up in my 40 degree apartment watching Criminal Minds, CSI: NY and Law & Order (the regular one, of course.  None of the Vincent diNofrio nonsense) Oh, and I totally dvr all of them, and start them about 30 minutes in, because Terita Bonita DOES NOT watch commercials.  

So, as I am typing this, I am watching CSI and drooling over those hot CSI guys.  Man, they sure know how to pick em on that show.  Anyway the point here is that I have been noticed (yes, I stopped the dvr) commercials for this new show called “Swingtown”…  Holy.  Crap.  While I am all fun and liberal, I am NOT THAT fun and/or liberal.  How is a show about swingers making its way from the past 10:30 on HBO ranks and infilitrating prime time??  What am I supposed tell my little sis when she asks me about the storyline??? TV is really getting foul.

Regardless, I say we put on the bellbottoms, break out the Tom Collins mix and watch the premier of this nonsense at my place.  And yes, leaving with who you come with is an absolute requirement.

Not Sharing Gabe with Anyone,

Teri Teri Bo Berri


2 Responses to “Wonderfully Lazy Wednesdays and the Decline of American TV”

  1. banana Says:

    and she’s serious about her apt being 40 degrees. ..

  2. idl3mind Says:

    I like CBS Monday nights and NBC Thursday nights. And GOOD EATS!!! Alton Brown rocks!

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