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W-T-FFF??? May 7, 2008

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So, Ms. Hershey from Houston has decided that she “wants to look better every day”.  Now, for you and me, that entails maybe a tad more blush on the ole cheeks, a little more eyeliner, less bananas foster pie at The Met, and more time on the elliptical, right??  Well, not for Sheyla (and ok, who names thier child that??  This whole debacle could have been avoided had her mother named her effing Jane).  Sheyla has decided that she likes her some boobs.  Large boobs.   TRIPLE F BOOBS.  Seriously.  She is raving mad because the Great State of Texas isn’t allowing her to have surgery number 9 to increase her already-two-quart-mammaries.  So, she’s going to Brazil. 

Read the whole story here
See, I thought that Texans liked the boobies and Brazilans had a more posterior preference.  Foiled once again.

Trying to cover mine up,



11 Responses to “W-T-FFF???”

  1. April Says:

    HOLY FREAKING CRAP.. I would love to have at least a size A boob. Her boobs are the size of my head.. Yummy Banana foster pie!! so very good

  2. Jason K Says:

    now that is a nice pic too big for my liking but nice none the less lol

  3. banana Says:

    nothing says demure like triple f. i’ll stick to my barely b, thank you very much 🙂

  4. April Says:

    you would think she would fall over like a tree. people will be wanting to say TIMBER!!!

  5. Jason K Says:

    lol now that is funny I bet she has massive back problems! I wonder how she ties her shoes

  6. teriann429 Says:

    Please, with chichis like that, someone else is tying her shoes. I have a feeling her shoes tend to lean more toward the clear platform lucite variety…

  7. Jason K Says:

    lol I bet she loves those shoes w/o laces – At least her kids have cushion while breast feeding lol

  8. trent Says:

    My initial thought: what the hell is she going to do with those things? Then I saw this:

  9. TeritaBonita Says:

    Omg. What is sad is that same woman was on another show crusing beer cans with those monstrosities.

  10. trent Says:

    NO NO. What is sad that both of us somehow have tracked this lady down on the internetz.

  11. April Says:

    I just watched that video!! OMG what the heck is up with that!!?? That is freaking ridiculous!

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