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Friday Biscuits May 2, 2008

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You know, for some reason, I am ALWAYS spelling “biscuit” wrong on my first try.  I am generally a fantastic speller, I just type too damn fast and have typos – HUGE difference.  But “biscuit” always snags me.  Bizarre, but I see where ole Freddy Durst had the issue.  Back on topic, I tend to treat myself to yummy Otto’s breakfast on Fridays for a job well done all week.  Amazing biscuits, I tell ya.  If you work downtown, that is where its at.  There is a new one in the Chase tower over by Starbucks, too.  My dream is to one day be on time so that I can grab a skinny Mocha and a biscuit on my way in.  Frankly, I have a better chance of losing 35 pounds overnight.   (which I guess the biscuits don’t help…)

In Ricer news, Bryant made the actual tv news!  A poor woman was trapped under the very train that he was on, and he was chosen out of all Metro riders to be the spokesman for that incident.  (ps- The poor injured woman is going to make it) Good choice Metro, and great choice on the suit B.  That’s my fave summer one.  I am totally putting you next to Dominique Sachse soon.  Although, her fabulosity leaves very little spotlight for another.  She will cut you if you wear that suit on air again and take away from her.

Here is the link to watch B’s tv debut:

Above, find Bryant in a very misleading costume (I thought Superman STOPPED trains… ).

Cleaning the grape jelly off of my keyboard,




2 Responses to “Friday Biscuits”

  1. banana Says:

    lmao! oh, terita bonita, you kill me.

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